By Choosing to volunteer with Utopia Volunteers, you'll help to create positive, lasting change in not only the communities in which you serve but in your very own heart and mind.

Why Volunteer?

Utopia Volunteers makes expressing your good intentions easy. With a step-by-step application and preparation process, and the support of dedicated UV staff, international volunteering has never been easier.

How it Works

We take a personal approach to preparing your international volunteer experience. Connect with us and we'll start the conversation!

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Utopia Volunteers is an international volunteer organization developed by the Utopia Foundation that makes expressing your good intentions easy. Our goal is to develop and support volunteer projects around the world that address specific community needs and empower individuals for long-term, sustainable growth.

We’re different than many volunteer organizations. We get to know you, then we connect you with an international volunteering project that will use your unique strengths and talents to make a direct impact in the communities you serve. We then take a personal, customized approach to organizing all the details and preparing you for the international volunteer experience.

Utopia Spotlight

Volunteer Ian with kids in South Africa

Engagement and mentoring changes lives in South Africa

“I know that I made the right choice in placement and, go figure, it wasn’t for the reasons that I had expected. … I am getting exactly what I needed out of this experience in order to learn and to grow into the kind of man that I want to be in a way that was wholly unexpected and completely perfect.”