Why Choose UV

Utopia Volunteers makes expressing your good intentions easy.

We want to make a positive, lasting difference in the lives of each volunteer and each community served in an honest, heartfelt way.

We believe in a unique personal approach that recognizes and builds upon the strengths of each individual, supporting one another in our efforts to bring positive change to our world. We will work to create a personal relationship with you so that we can connect you with a program and location that will make best use of your skills and passions, and so that you will understand what it means to be part of the Utopia Volunteers family.

We also are committed to educating you about all facets of the volunteer experience, making sure to set clear expectations about what it takes to make an impact and what you need to be aware of and prepare for before departure and after returning home. We will provide continued support and connection long after your flight has landed, hoping that you’ll continue to feel connected to the UV community across the globe.

With decades of international volunteering experience, our program managers and staff have learned what can make this experience most beneficial for you and the communities in which you serve.

We are glad that you have taken the first small step to make a very big difference. Now it’s time to reach out to us with questions, ideas, or to discuss how you can make an impact.

Thinking of a volunteer vacation? Check out this column in Spirituality & Health magazine by Paul Sutherland, founder of Utopia Foundation, who explains the benefits of volunteering abroad. He also tells us why it’s crucial to choose the right organization — like Utopia Volunteers — to partner with when lending your helping hands overseas.

If you’d like to support Utopia Volunteers but are unable to volunteer on-the-ground with some of our international projects, consider donating and supporting our projects this way.

If you’d like to support Utopia Volunteers in another way, talk with us!