International Volunteering in Costa Rica

We have many projects around the small rainforest town of San Miguel de Sarapiquí located in Costa Rica’s Alajuela province. In this location, expect to fall in love with the locals and make a lasting difference in a thriving, Central American community.

Volunteer testimonial from Costa Rica school renovation project

“I loved to bond with my host family and hang out with them. At the actual service site I felt like the work we did was very tough. However, I felt as if our group really bonded with our foreman and the community members that came to help. We built a relationship with this town and I felt appreciated every single day by the community.” —Matt Hyland, Volunteer from Illinois State University

Projects in Costa Rica

School teaching and tutoring

Costa Rican schools often lack qualified teachers for many subjects including English, math, science, social studies, and physical education. If you’re experienced in any of these areas, you can offer a helping hand to one of Utopia Volunteers’ six school connections in the country.

English teaching during school vacations

Students are on vacation in Costa Rica for two weeks in July and almost two months between December and February. During this time, you can volunteer and teach English for small groups of 5 to 20 students.

Farmhand and tour guide at coffee co-op

Mi Cafecito is an agriculture co-op made of 142 local coffee farmers. You can work in each aspect of the coffee production process from planting and picking coffee beans to packaging and transporting the final product. You can also help create and upgrade walkways, bridges, and signage, and provide informational nature tours to visitors.

Assistance for Center for Education and Nutrition (CEN)

CEN’s daycare program provides childcare for low-income, working-class mothers with young children. You can help CEN in many ways, including teaching English to the children, educating mothers about nutrition, working in the clothing donation center, or assisting in the day-to-day operations of CEN.

Marketing and sustainable development

Help develop marketing and outreach projects for Zuly, a Costa Rican woman who collects and repurposes recyclable materials, turning unusable products into arts and crafts. With the increased income from expanded marketing, Zuly could begin to employ locals from her community and teach others how to repurpose their own products instead of adding to Costa Rica’s waste management problem.