International Volunteering in Kenya

Jambo and welcome to Kenya! There are many volunteer projects in Kenya designed to empower and support thriving communities across the country. From helping care for HIV/AIDS orphans to teaching English to working with women’s empowerment groups and more, there is surely to be a project just right for your skills, talents, and passions in this beautiful, culturally diverse country.

What our volunteers are saying about Kenya!

“I have never in my life felt so much gratitude and kindness than what I received when I was in Kenya. It was such an amazing experience. I wish more than anything that I could go back or that I could’ve stayed for a longer period of time because there is so much more I want to do to help the people I was lucky enough to meet and work with. … I cannot thank Utopia enough for allowing me to accomplish my dream while also introducing me to such amazing, positive people. I hope that I can stay connected to this organization and can return to Kenya in the near future.” — Dalma Dibuz

Projects in Kenya

Community development and cultural immersion

Experience a cultural immersion and learn the way of life of the Maasai, while using your skills and experiences to help support a thriving community. You can work on various projects such as building a school and equipping a medical facility, teaching local children, or working with women on making and marketing traditional beadwork. If helping development like this connects with you, talk with us and we’ll find the right project for your skills and talents.

Teach English in Maasailand

Education standards within the Maasai tribe are very poor. There are few learning institutions and very limited resources for education, mainly from a lack of motivation from educators. Primarily, this is because of cultural ideas that do not value education, and that discriminate against women and female children. You can help make a difference in the lives of the Maasai people by teaching English in Maasailand and being a champion for education.

Community health outreach project

Can you imagine a bug preventing children from going to school that makes them extremely uncomfortable and puts them at risk for contracting HIV/AIDS? Volunteer to restore their happiness by helping rid them of this bug and fumigate their homes, while also educating the whole family on proper hygiene to keep this the bug from entering their lives.

Medical clinic assistance

Work is overwhelming for the doctor and handful of nurses who offer healthcare twice a week at a small Kenyan medical clinic. This facility serves a community of more than 80,000 people and because there are so many patients, staff aren’t always able to provide care to each person the day they arrive. If you have formal medical training (medical and pre-med students included), you can work in the clinic and help provide valuable, much-needed care to these communities. Non-medical volunteers can assist with administrative work.

Orphan care

There are many abandoned and orphaned children in Kenya who are rescued from a life on the streets. These children need loving and caring role models who can help them grow in a nurturing environment. Give your heart to improving the lives of these children and volunteer in a Kenyan orphanage. You’ll play, teach, and care for children in need while seeing the direct impact of your actions on the faces of those you help.

English teaching in Watamu

Teaching English at a primary school goes a long way to unlock a child’s future. Bring enthusiasm, creativity, and some teaching aid materials to help the children of Watamu navigate out of poverty and explore a new world with the acquired language skills.

Women’s empowerment program

Women remain the backbone of thriving communities. When affected with a disease like HIV/AIDS, economic challenges set in and the whole community suffers. This empowerment program helps women affected by HIV/AIDS move past the stigma associated with the disease and find a supportive group where they feel they belong. Offer your heart and encouraging ideas to these women, helping them to smile and be successful, empowered community members again.

Sustainable farm project

Promote proper nutrition and good agricultural practices by working on a farm in support of the Women’s Economic Empowerment Project. You’ll assist women with HIV/AIDS care for crops and livestock including goats, free-range chickens, rabbits, and fish, all at the base of the beautiful Ngong Hills.

Urban daycare assistance

There are many informal settlements and slums across the poor, urban regions in Kenya. Within these communities, there are vulnerable children who desperately need love and support. If you have a willing, capable heart and want to give of yourself in a big way, volunteer with this project and teach, care for, and provide a nurturing, safe environment for these little ones.

Slum empowerment program

Work with community-based organizations in Kibera, the largest slum in Africa, located in Kenya’s capital city of Nairobi. Embrace the concept of collective impact as you volunteer to tackle the needs of the urban poor including caring for children, teaching English, and helping community members develop marketable skills. If you want to work in this project, we will connect you with specific roles and tasks that will fit your unique experiences and volunteering goals.