Giving back in Costa Rica

Image of English teaching in Costa Rica.
Teaching English was only one way volunteer Thuva gave back to this small Costa Rican community.

At a poor school in the small Costa Rican hill town of San Miguel de Sarapiquí, a volunteer named Thuva gave his heart and hands to help educate students for eight weeks. This 25-year old young man from Singapore taught English and Physical Education classes to all 23 students, connecting with each of them through creative learning games and a passionate, enthusiastic presence.

Before long, students started sending dinner invites his way and Thuva became part of the community. Touched by their appreciation and humility, Thuva left a much-needed new pair of shoes for every single student, and his personal laptop for the teacher.

When asked how he could give that much to everyone, he said “They gave me more than I ever expected.”

Generosity and goodwill filters through the lives of everyone affected by the works of a volunteer like Thuva. The memories of loving kindness given from the community to Thuva, and from Thuva to the community, will continue to spread love and positivity long into the future.