Dates and Fees

Utopia Volunteers is committed to offering well-organized and efficient projects for our volunteers and the communities in which we serve. If you have any scheduling questions, don’t hesitate to contact us.


How long can I volunteer? With Utopia Volunteers, you can choose to volunteer for 1-12 weeks. Regardless of the time you’re able to commit to this volunteer experience, we have a project that needs you! If you’d like to volunteer for longer than 12 weeks, contact us and we’ll discuss your options.

If you’d like to volunteer for only a few days at the end of a vacation, safari, or work trip for example, contact us and we’ll help determine a suitable project for you.

When can I start? You can choose to begin your volunteer project on any Monday of any month. We request that you arrive Sunday, the day before the project start date, but if you’d like to arrive earlier, we’ll be happy to work with you on arrangements. Start dates can be somewhat flexible if you’re unable to join a program on the standard Monday start date – let us know if you need to make different arrangements.

Note that it’s best to start the planning process at least a few months before your intended start date. This ensures you’ll have enough time to secure all required travel documents and properly prepare yourself for the experience. If you have less time, that’s ok! We can help expedite the process for you.


Utopia Volunteers is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization and all costs associated with your volunteering support Utopia Volunteers and our projects. Program fees differ based on the location of your volunteer project; the registration fee is $350 for each project.

In some circumstances, travel and other expenses you necessarily incur directly because of your volunteer efforts with Utopia Foundation may be tax deductible. For more information, please read the IRS Publication 526, Charitable Contributions (available at Utopia Foundation cannot provide tax advice and encourages you to consult with a tax advisor regarding your specific situation.

What do my fees cover? Your program fee covers in-country costs including airport pick-up and orientation, your accommodations and meals during the volunteer program period, 24/7 volunteer support and assistance, project supplies and donations, and all in-country administration expenses. Your registration fee helps cover program marketing and informational materials, office overhead expenses, and the costs of Utopia Volunteers staff, including travel to inspect programs.

What do my fees not cover? Not included in your fees to Utopia Volunteers are your flights, vaccinations, visa (if required by destination country), travel insurance, criminal background check, and personal expenses while traveling.

How much extra spending money will I need? Generally, Utopia Volunteers recommends having between $50-$70/week for personal expenses while volunteering abroad. Weekend excursions, leisure activities, souvenirs, and any meals or beverages you purchase on your own will not be paid by Utopia Volunteers. For information on costs specific to your program location, talk with us and we’ll be more than happy to help.

Program Fees

Please note: All applications require a non-refundable $350.00 registration fee in addition to the program fees listed below. You’re required to submit the registration fee with your completed application. Program fees are due 60 days before your program start date. All fees are listed in USD.

Program Fees per Destination Country

Duration Costa Rica Guatemala* Nepal South Africa Uganda** Kenya
1 week 645 500 390 1150 350 555
2 weeks 770 660 625 1400 550 710
3 weeks 895 770 860 1600 750 865
4 weeks 1020 880 1095 1800 950 1020
5 weeks 1145 990 1305 1950 1150 1175
6 weeks 1295 1100 1515 2100 1325 1330
7 weeks 1420 1210 1725 2250 1500 1485
8 weeks 1545 1320 1935 2400 1675 1640
9 weeks 1670 1430 2145 2550 1875 1795
10 weeks 1795 1540 2355 2700 2050 1950
11 weeks 1920 1650 2565 2850 2225 2105
12 weeks 2045 1750 2775 3100 2425 2260

*The Stove Project in Guatemala will require additional funds to help pay for stove-building materials

** In addition to the Uganda program fees, you will need to pay for the airport pickup, your first night’s accommodation, and transportation from the arrival location to the volunteer project. These extra costs will be paid in Uganda. Contact us for more information.